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Whether you need the best commuter e-bike, CARGO e-bike, e-bikes mountain, dirt, fat tire, hunting, fishing, utility, travel, or e-bike with large batteries, you can find it here.

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Mountain & Fat Tires

Fat tire electric bikes come with tires which are more or less twice the thickness of regular e-bikes. The additional width on those wide tires enables the bikes to traverse a variety of terrain that standard-width tires might struggle with.
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Fiido M1 PROFiido M1 PRO Ireland

Fiido M1 Pro

899 incl. VAT
17% OffHotOut Of Stock
Fiido Ireland Fiido M21Fiido Ireland Fiido M21

Fiido M21

999 incl. VAT

Fiido T1 Pro

1,499 incl. VAT
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Foldable & Portable

If you are looking for a stylish and modernized, fast and durable, space-saving and lightweight option, you've come to the right place! e-bikes are real space-savers. This appealing feature can't leave those who have no garage or live in small apartments indifferent.

Fiido D2S

899 incl. VAT

Fiido D3 Pro

799 incl. VAT

Fiido D21

1,199 incl. VAT

Fiido X

1,299 incl. VAT

Fiido D11

1,099 incl. VAT

Fiido L3

1,099 incl. VAT

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Customer Review

Happy with bike through cycle to work scheme.
I got my Fiido D21 from fiidoireland.ie through the cycle-to-work scheme. Communication was good from the start and fiidoireland was helpful in getting the quote right for my employer. Today I collected my bike from the shop. When we arrived, Dmitry was already in the process of setting the bike up for me. The bike was then explained to me and I got to take it for a spin before loading it in the car.
- Dolf P.
The technician from fiido Ireland was…
The technician from fido Ireland was excellent yesterday when I was getting my bike fixed. It had to have a new rare mortar fitted and he did it entry hours while I spent some time browsing the local shops. So I will give him 10 out of 10 forservice and he spent time explaining the issue and it was a very good experience and I would highly recommend these guys
- Niamh V.
Bought the latest M1 Pro after riding…
Bought the latest M1 Pro after riding my wife's earlier model, had some issues with a warped brake disk on the front wheel, all sorted through Fiido Airside warranty, very nice guys Everyone I have met while riding has been really interested in both my wife's M1 and my M1 pro
- Mary Green
I've recently gotten my son's Fiido…
I've recently gotten my son's Fiido electric bike serviced here. I decided to go to an authentic Fiido store as I have tried servicing it in other places and it ends up having the same issues a few days later. The staff were really helpful and the repair price was reasonable. My son is really happy with his bike.
- Donald A.
I took my Fiido d2s today from the…
I took my Fiido d2s today from the store, excellent customer service. Although they specified on the website Fiido Airside that they have all the electric bikes spare parts, in fact, they didn't have the part which i was looking for. Anyways great service over here.
- Benjamin C.
Got my fiido x yesterday,
Got my fiido x yesterday, everything was sorted out perfectly and in time, the guys are incredibly helpfull and prepared to answer all your questions. The bike was already assembled and ready to go :). Tried it today and everything worked perfectly. Thanks, one of the best service so far.
- Federico C.

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Fiido T1 PRO
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